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Tuesday 15 March 2011

Pet Peeves - Pop Up!

Before I begin this blog I would just like to say this: I never moan about this game. I love it to death and 99% of it I wouldn't want to change. But there is one thing that really presses my buttons.....

Nope, It's not the glitches in the game, those cannot be helped. It's not people cheating in silly ways when they don't really need to, that is up to them. It's not even Zynga customer service who I have always found shockingly bad, but at the end of the day, it's a free game...what do we expect?

It's the blasted POP-UP's!

One word, WHY?

Why do I need reminding that I need to send gifts when I am in the middle of attempting to get unstoppable? I don't need telling that we have a hire function, I can work out who I want to hire, when the time comes!

And as for Humble Bob?! Is his "Limited Time Discount" only limited by the fact that I will have dropped dead by the time it ends? I don't mind that they want people to buy HS...but it wouldn't hurt to mix it up a little bit! Even something like "No Discount for YOU today Esta! Would grab my attention better than the same pop up they have had since the game started!

I know I should think myself lucky though, at least I don't play Pop-Up Worl....Sorry Cafe-World! Now THAT is bad!
So, with that little reminder to myself that maybe we haven't got it so bad...I am going to go and have a pop-up battle with Jack and my special delivery man.

This message is counter productive - I have never wanted to hurry less.


  1. HAHAH, well said, couldnt agree more :)

  2. Has ANYONE really paid $65.00 for 100,000 coins???

  3. My thoughts also but some times one will not come up and then I can't get any pop-ups to come up and have to refresh the game very agrivating

  4. I agree. Way to many pop-ups. Especially when your right in the middle of something and it get's right in the way.

  5. lol i deffo agree , i swear at humble bob evey time he pops up , cos i'm always in the middle of doing sommit when he show's up

  6. Janie/tnshylady15 March 2011 at 09:52

    I don't like any of the popups but i think the most irritating one is when i plant crops, about the 3rd time i click, i get the same tired popup telling me something I know since the first day I started playing.
    And why do i have to open the Market every time I clobber a coyote? It won't let me buy anymore coops, so what is the deal??

  7. Humble Bob is really starting to annoy me!

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