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Saturday 12 February 2011

Online Friendships


Since my first post the situation with technology got a lot worse. My trusty, yet pre-historic machine must have overheard my complaints about being unable to get onto Flash games, and decided to show me who is boss by breaking all together.

Thankfully I am an Iphone bore! I have to tell you guys and gals, that I seriously would have had massive withdrawls if I hadn't had my Iphone. Now, I know there are other makes/brands out there - but this happens to be the one I have - Iphone 3gs - and I am a massive fan.

I was even able to update the website with all the Valentines heads up stuff for you folks with it - yes it was a blummin nightmare - and if Aimee hadn't come along later in the day I would probably still be doing it now, but it worked!

ANYWAY, enough of all that tosh - the most important thing that I found was that I was able to keep in touch with my friends.

During this process of playing FTV, starting the fansite and then the website I have met some great people; I now consider a few of them to be close personal friends. In some cases I trust these people more than I trust people I have known in "Real Life" for a long time.

This got me to thinking about how the internet and particularly gaming has changed the way we form relationships.

I started chatting on the internet when I was about 21 - I was a young mother, my father had just died, I didnt have a car and I lived in the middle of nowhere. The internet was my social life. Of course there were one or two odd balls that freaked me out on occasion but my experience was overwhelmingly postive. I still keep in touch with a few people I met all the way back then. In fact I speak to one of them every day.

15 years ago you were classed as hopeless geek if you chatted online. Part of me wonders if there is still a stigma attached to it?- do people still assume you have no friends in real life? Does it matter if you haven't met the person you spend hours talking to?

I had a conversation with an close online buddy about this very subject the other day. We both said that we keep people at arms length due to our own insecurities - but since then I have re-considered. I actually feel that I am reaching out to as many people as I can - I am not adverse to meeting people that I feel comfy with - but it's hard when those people live on the other side of the world!

I'd love to hear about your experiences - Good or Bad.

Monday 7 February 2011

I Surf. We Surf.

Finally, after 15 years of mucking around on the internet I have staked a small claim on the weird and wonderful world wide web.

It's better to be late than never turn up at all, but I feel I must warn you that stuff that I find and place here might not interest you in the slightest - then again it might make you fizzle and pop - but the most I can hope for is somewhere inbetween. (If it does make you fizzle and pop then - Whooop! Me too!)

I love to surf; I'm not ashamed to tell you that Google is one of my best friends. It has got me out of awkward questions, through a degree at university, and personally I don't know where I would be without it.

How did we ever survive without google? How did I know how to get to places? How did I know what was on at the cinema? How did I ever get any qualifications???

These are all questions that my 15 year old twins like to ask me from time to time to remind me how old I am. Sadly my only response is "Books" - to which I get cast a disbelieving look before they return to Facebook. I'm 34 years old - anyone would think I was around with the dinosaurs!

So, I am going to use this space to reignite my love for surfing. I have become a little complacent over the past couple of years, and certainly over the last few months because most of my online hunting has revolved around missions requirements, glitch updates and animal growth rates. I think I could actually type the word "Frontierville" in my sleep.
N.B You know you have it bad when your iphone wants to replace the word "From" with "Frontier".

So welcome to my little Library of all things internet related! I'm not going to be able to be geeky (That's Andy's blog) because basically I don't know enough, but I am hoping there might be one or two things here that might tickle your fancy; all I know is that I am going to try have fun, so I hope you do too.

First of all I have something to confess - TAKE A LOOK AT THE STATE OF THIS!

I didn't really want to start my blog with a gripe but seriously, a girl can only hold so much inside before she has to pop! -

Forgive me everyone, for I have sinned - I haven't played on my Frontier in over a MONTH! Yes thats right ladies and gents, I do call myself an Admin on a Frontierville help site, and yes I have been answering questions about Hobby Crates, Zynga's 50HS/20HS/50HS New Year Resolution drama and Yes I know the intimate details of how to trap a groundhog...but I must confess...I haven't done ANY of that myself. Now, before you come and remove yourself as a fan of our page and label us all charlatans, it isn't my fault - My Laptop has suddenly become allergic to any sort of Flash game.

So please - Spare a thought for me when you are getting your Net Status 32 messages - I would give anything for a refresh error right now....