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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Tag your friends

I got tagged in something the other day (I was Mr Burns from The Simpsons, I wasn't happy) and it got me thinking that we really need a Frontierville one! A few pleading conversations with Andy via Skype and hey presto! Thanks Andy!
I know I am going to have fun tagging my friends in this - feel free to do the same!


You have to allow us a bit of leeway with Jack - we didn't want to encourage you insulting people by calling him the more appropriate "The Overly Helpful Annoying One". In fact, you could probably come up with insulting ones for all of these, but that isn't really the vibe we were going for!

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Pet Peeves - Pop Up!

Before I begin this blog I would just like to say this: I never moan about this game. I love it to death and 99% of it I wouldn't want to change. But there is one thing that really presses my buttons.....

Nope, It's not the glitches in the game, those cannot be helped. It's not people cheating in silly ways when they don't really need to, that is up to them. It's not even Zynga customer service who I have always found shockingly bad, but at the end of the day, it's a free game...what do we expect?

It's the blasted POP-UP's!

One word, WHY?

Why do I need reminding that I need to send gifts when I am in the middle of attempting to get unstoppable? I don't need telling that we have a hire function, I can work out who I want to hire, when the time comes!

And as for Humble Bob?! Is his "Limited Time Discount" only limited by the fact that I will have dropped dead by the time it ends? I don't mind that they want people to buy HS...but it wouldn't hurt to mix it up a little bit! Even something like "No Discount for YOU today Esta! Would grab my attention better than the same pop up they have had since the game started!

I know I should think myself lucky though, at least I don't play Pop-Up Worl....Sorry Cafe-World! Now THAT is bad!
So, with that little reminder to myself that maybe we haven't got it so bad...I am going to go and have a pop-up battle with Jack and my special delivery man.

This message is counter productive - I have never wanted to hurry less.


I am writing this blog solely so I can show off my new animated profile image (top right) and my St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Penguin that Mr Spencer made me!


Wednesday 9 March 2011

465 Free Horseshoes?!....Ummmm NO!

We all LOVE a freebie, right? The lure of getting something for nothing can turn even the most level headed surfer into a horseshoe blinded click happy fool!

Some very unscrupulous people have noticed this genetic desire we seem to have to be unable to stop clicking on something just because they offer us something we want. You may have seen comments posted like this -

As you can see, they don't post it just once...Have you ever wondered why they do this? Basically this is what YOU will be asked to do in order to "collect" your 500 HS.

Clicking on that link will probably (I haven't clicked) take to you to a website where it gives you a link to copy and paste in as many places as you can, X amount of times. They suggest that they are able to count how many times you do this, and once you have completed your mini mission the horseshoes will be added to your account.

Unfortunately, the Horseshoes never appear, but you might find yourself lumbered with is some lovely shiny Malware, Adware and other delightful viruses, just for visiting their website in the first place.

Of course, the more people they can get to their site, the more people get tracked and so the scam continues.

The ONLY way you can get free horseshoes is in-game by levelling up etc, and official Zynga competitions. (And trading in the Inn Collection)

However, it's not just Horseshoe links that are malicious - remember "OMG this girl KILLED herself after....." ? This was exactly the same thing; another devilishly clever way of flicking our nosey "buttons" to get us to click and hooked into a similar tracking scam.

When faced with an offer telling you can get something for free, it's probably a big fat lie - when faced with something that tells you have to go to a link and post up hundreds of the same link to get something for "free" it's definitely an even bigger and fatter lie!

At times like these I like to remember the wise words of one Judge Judy who said "If it smells like a's probably a rat."

Some of them are cleverer than others so if it doesn't smell like a rat, it's still better to check before clicking on anything. This is a good site for checking out the latest scams and viruses - - Click it if you dare! ;)

(It's ok, you can click on it)

Safe surfing everyone!